Prestige Deluxe Duo Plus Induction Base Aluminum Outer Lid Pressure Cooker, 1.5 Litres, Black


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Brand: Prestige
Capacity: 1.5 litres
Material: Aluminium
Colour: Black
Finish Type: Hard Anodised
Product Dimensions: 22.9D x 38.1W x 15.2H Centimetres
Special Feature: Gas Stovetop Compatible, Induction Stovetop Compatible
Wattage: 1000 Watts
Control Method: Touch

SKU: Prestige Deluxe Duo Plus Induction Base Aluminum Outer Lid Pressure Cooker, 1.5 Litres, Black
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1.5 L Deluxe Duo+ Ha Pressure Cooker
The all new Prestige deluxe duo plus pressure cooker comes with a hard anodised body and an elegant stainless steel lid. Which makes it perfect addition to any kitchen. Here’s why, its induction base is designed for even distribution of heat. What’s more, it also features a built-in safety indicator in the form of pressure indicators, safety plug and controlled gasket release system.

With the glass lid this pressure cooker can also be used to serve. So go ahead and bring home the deluxe duo plus pressure cooker, it’s yet another Prestige product you can trust.

Prestige deluxe duo+ ha base is stainless steel perforated (holes) plate, machine pressed to aluminium cooker base. Apart from being compatible with induction cook-tops, the unique base ensures even heat distribution without heat spots.

It is an outer lid pressure cooker made from virgin aluminium which is hard anodized for aesthetic looks and long lasting durability. The handi shape of the body makes it ideal for cooking variety of Indian cuisines. It comes with a stainless steel outer lid which look aesthetic and is more durable.

Precision Weight Valve:
It is the first level of safety feature to release pressure above 1 kg/cm2, which makes the cooking safe and time saving for you. It is made up of stainless steel for durability.

Controlled Gasket Release System:
This is the 2nd level of safety provide in Prestige pressure cooker, in case there is any blockage of vent tube, the CGRS will release the steam from cook-top. Thus making it extremely safe for usage


Durable Handles:
Modern handles designed for durability, easy holding and maintenance. Also, the handle is attached to the body with two screws for added strength.

Metallic Safety Plug:
It is the 3rd level of safety feature top fitted to the lid, to release excess pressure, when it rises beyond the safe level, thus making the cooker extremely safe to use.

Glass Lid with Ladle Holder:
Transparent glass lid can be used for cooking as well as for placing ladle (spoon) on knob which makes the usage convenient and hygienic. Due to the glass lid this Pressure cooker can be used for both cook and serving purpose.

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